John Wesley Young born in Columbus, Ohio. His 1923 report, “The Reorganization of Mathematics in Secondary Education,” profoundly influenced educational thought and practice. More information about: John Wesley Young [ read more ]


August Ferdinand Moebius born in Saxony, Germany. He discovered his famous Moebius strip in September, 1858. Johann Benedict Listing had discovered the same surface two months earlier. More information about: August Moebius Moebius Strip [ read more ]


Henry Gellibrand born in London, England. He completed and published his friend Henry Briggs’ Trigonometria Britannica, trigonometric tables with instruction in their application, in 1633. More information about: Henry Gellibrand Henry Briggs [ read more ]


While making his rounds, a gendarme found an infant on the steps of the Church of Saint Jean-le-Rond in Paris. The child was christened Jean-le-Rond. Later, he added the surname d’Alembert. More information about: Jean le Rond d’Alembert [ read more ]