Age of Engineering EP5 Reconstructor and Greenhouse

Age of Engineering EP5 Reconstructor and Greenhouse


Hello everyone! In todays Episode of Age of Engineering “AoE” we get to work on getting through the empowering age. We start off with the Reconstructror then move into building a calculator Greenhouse. Check it out!
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MODPACK – Age of Engineering


RESOURCE PACK – Faithful 32 Modded Edition
This modpack was 5 months in the works. It is a tech-centered modpack with a technology tree, focus in progression and hundreds of changed (harder) recipes. This is achieved by gating progression by several blocks and items leading to the next age. The pack is divided in 15 ages, reaching the next age is awarded with an achievement and a trophy you can place. What you can do and have to do in each age to progress and reach the next age is covered in a guide (from FTB Utilities, just click the book in the top left corner).

The goal of the pack is to give a longer lasting experience than other packs, also giving the challenge to automate almost everything. It also features several lesser known mechanics from well-known mods or you have to tackle some well-known problems in a different manner as you lack either some blocks/items you would normally have or they are just too expensive at that stage of the game, the problems mostly how to automate this task or how to generate more power with the ressources I have.

This modpack is aimed at more experienced players to look for a new challenge, but can also work for semi-experienced players who like tech mods and want to learn more about them and don’t mind the challenge.

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