Ask an Electrical Engineer – Jobs and Careers Edition | Part 1

Ask an Electrical Engineer – Jobs and Careers Edition | Part 1

While considering the experience of being an electrical engineering student and the pain you can expect during that, you may wonder, is it all worth it? We tackle some of the questions that prospective engineering students and potential electrical engineers are asking before taking the plunge. As always, Josh gives his thoughts and opinions based off of his experience and the secondhand experience of engineers he’s worked with. For the transcript, go to the CircuitBread website –

And here’s some of those questions:

0:19 How much do electrical engineers make?
1:48 What are some example responsibilities and electrical engineer has?
3:19 What does a day in the life of an electrical engineer look like?
5:03 How prepared were you for an electrical engineering job when you got out of school?
7:14 As an electrical engineer, what annoying thing to friends and family asked you to help them with?
8:35 What are some of the most important skills to have as an electrical engineer?
10:01 What should you focus on when creating your resume?
10:29 How do you prepare for an electrical engineering interview?

If you’re not too scared off from these answers, check out the tutorials, tools, equations and more on our site to get started with the basics of electrical engineering and electronics.

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