Dealing With Spies | Engineering 101

Dealing With Spies | Engineering 101

Today we discuss what you can do as an Engineer in order to combat one of the more tricky (and stinky) counters you will face – the Spy! In the meantime, I found a pretty useful Training Video that we can use review some classically established Spy-beating techniques…

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Featuring Mr. Paladin as Fake Uncle Dane:

Special thanks to CriticalFlaw, Lucario, Jayy & Coferme for helping me record a LOT of this video!

Digital Painting of Uncle Dane by Miss Darling:

Southern Hospitality SFM by Bendroo:

This is a parody of and tribute to one the greatest episodes of animated television to ever air:

Intro animation made by Uberchain:
Theme Song made by Dapper Dog:
Thumbnail SFM made by George:

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