DIY Arduino Based Rodin Coil Winding Machine | Crafty Engineer

DIY Arduino Based Rodin Coil Winding Machine | Crafty Engineer

Hello and welcome to our DIY project series. Buckle up and go find a USB cable because we have a fancy DIY Arduino project in store for you today. We will walk you through how to build a coil winding machine so that you can wind out that star coil fast and easily.

Like every DIY project, this coil winder will require some components and equipment to come alive.

Apart from an Arduino Nano, we will require three stepper motors to execute the wire feeding motions and another one to mobilize the coil. To get a full list of components and the code required for winding a coil—not to mention more detailed step-by-step instructions—go visit the link dropped below.

The Arduino coil winding machine built here lets you choose how many points you want on your coil; 8-point, 10-point, 12-point. Additionally, you can set the number of turns to your liking through the display that we will connect to the Arduino.

The video does a great job of explaining what goes where, how, and why. So step inside, get yourself in a cozy position, and enjoy!

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