Dubai’s Underwater Train and 13 Unreal Engineering Marvels

Dubai’s Underwater Train and 13 Unreal Engineering Marvels

What are the greatest engineering projects in the world? From the Great Pyramid to the Great Wall, there’s been no limit to humanity’s architectural aspirations. Engineers of today are no different. Underwater trains, giant skyscrapers that are reaching for new record heights, colossal bridges, and other engineering marvels are being made to make life easier for humankind.

For example, engineers in the UAE have proposed a high-speed rail connecting the city of Dubai to Mumbai, India, crossing 1,200 miles underwater in only 2 hours. That’s about the distance from New York to Kansas City – almost half the continental US – and the flight takes 2½ hours! Interested? Then let’s go around the world to see their most ambitious (and bizarre) projects!

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A panoramic view of northern Tokyo Bay facing Tokyo from Odaiba island: By Javachan, CC BY-SA 3.0,
CC BY-SA 4.0
3D model of the “Chicago Spire”, done with Blender 2.79: By Milkomède,
Jeddah Tower being built in northern Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: By Ammar shaker,
Symphony of the Seas leaving St Nazaire on March 24th 2018: By Darthvadrouw,
The aborted construction of the Chicago Spire: By Marcin Wichary, CC BY 2.0,
A computer render of the Sky Mile Tower: By Mashton444, CC BY 4.0,
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