Engineering Marvels Connecting The Country

Engineering Marvels Connecting The Country

On this episode of Engineering Marvels we showcase three marvels of engineering that are setting the economy on the highway to growth and prosperity. Spanning nearly 1300 km, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is not just the longest expressway in India but also the first 8 lane expressway being paved entirely with concrete. Tasked with stringent timelines and armed with state-of-the-art first of its kind equipment, Patel Infrastructure Limited crew is making history every day to build what’s truly a marvel of engineering. KNR Constructions Ltd had to overcome unfathomable challenges to construct the bridge across the Godavari River. Connecting Chhattisgarh to Telangana, this bridge is a boon not just for the chilli farmers but also for development in both states. Another feather in KNR Constructions’ cap has been the highway connecting Pollachi to Coimbatore. Upgraded to 4 lanes, this highway has halved the travel time between the cities, easing the lives of locals and tourists. And finally, we take you to Kerala where the KNR Constructions crew had to find innovative solutions like using a diamond cutting machine to cut through a hill to build the bypass that connects India’s southernmost tip to the rest of the nation.

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