Engineering Marvels High-Speed Highways

Engineering Marvels High-Speed Highways

In this episode of ‘Engineering Marvels’ we take a look at 3 on-ongoing projects that are going the change the future for millions of lives along the way. We start with the new NH58E, where HG Infra Engineering Ltd crew is overcoming the challenging terrain and working miracles with minimal equipment, cutting through hills to connect Kundal and Jhadol in Rajasthan. The new NH49 connecting Mumbai and Kolkata is a great opportunity to bring connectivity and development to remote parts of Orissa and Monte Carlo Construction Ltd has deployed special heavy-duty excavators and drills along with a mammoth crew of over 2600 men and women as they aim to connect Binjabahal to Singhara 3 years before the deadline. GR Infraprojects Ltd crew is busy connecting Kamliya and Kandarwara village in Madhya Pradesh, a small but important stretch along India’s longest expressway connecting Mumbai and Delhi. Building an elevated access-controlled road to ensure safety at high speeds adds to the challenge but they are determined to overcome them by using state-of-the-art technology.

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