Engineers Restore Dismantled Vintage Canberra Jet Bomber | Huge Moves | Spark

Engineers Restore Dismantled Vintage Canberra Jet Bomber | Huge Moves | Spark

A team of British engineers attempts to move a historic Canberra jet bomber over 400km from Coventry to Newquay in Cornwall for a private collector. The vintage aircraft needs to be restored before it can fly again and so must travel by truck halfway across England. Too large to be moved in one piece, this film follows the team attempt to dismantle the Canberra into many pieces for its treacherous road trip.

The job proves to be a huge challenge, as the aircraft must remain airworthy after it has been re-assembled. To fit the bomber onto a convoy of trucks, the team must disconnect the fuselage, wings and tail. They must build a support cradle for each component so they don’t knock or roll about on route while also being able to squeeze through narrow roads and low obstacles on the way. The journey is fraught with problems from rainstorms to traffic-jammed roads. Following a painstaking reconstruction process in Newquay, will this classic aircraft survive the journey to fly again?

Super-size missions, risky routes, and the biggest cargo on the planet-imagine hauling a submarine over dry land, transporting a fleet of mega-yachts across the Atlantic, or relocating 20 ancient Egyptian temples…and now meet the heavy hauliers who tackle incredible odds to get the job done.

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