Genius Level Support Engineer Interview

Genius Level Support Engineer Interview

0:00 Introduction
11:28 Learn “the hard way”
13:57 Starting over from zero
15:58 Learn to troubleshoot
18:52 Reading Code
20:13 Most interesting things you’ve learned
24:43 Future tech skills to learn
25:00 Kubernetes and Nomad
29:50 Motivation for Continued Learning
35:05 Noob-Neglected Skills
45:50 Current Tech Developments
50:47 Final Advice to new Tech People

Auto-setup Consul, Nomad, and the Etherpad app:

Project-based Linux course for beginners:

DigitalOcean referral link:

Linode Referral Link (you get $100 credit when signing up):

tutorialinux Merch:

Free Linux Sysadmin Course Playlist:

Official Site & e-mail list:

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