Harvesting Giants | Exceptional Engineering | Free Documentary

Harvesting Giants | Exceptional Engineering | Free Documentary

Exceptional Engineering: Harvesting Giants
Not only cows and Kässpatzen come from the Allgäu, but also the biggest and strongest agricultural machines in the world! In Marktoberdorf, Fendt has been building tractors, combine harvesters and harvesters since 1930. Meanwhile, the company with 3000 employees market leader in Germany. In professional circles, the agricultural machines from the Allgäu are considered the noblest and best on the market.
But the road from construction to sale to the farmer is long, after all, the machines have long since become high-tech devices equipped with onboard computers and GPS. The production is therefore very complex and takes place in several steps.
The “1050 Vario” also passes through 29 stations during its production. With a height of 3,60m, a curb weight of 14 tons and 517 hp, it is the strongest standard tractor in the world. At the headquarters in Marktoberdorf, the production of the Acker giant takes place.
In this WORLD report, we show the exciting production, maintenance and use of fields and fields of these mega agricultural machines – a real man’s dream!

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