How Fast Is My Supercharged Mazda Miata? Police Not Impressed

How Fast Is My Supercharged Mazda Miata? Police Not Impressed

How Much Power Does My Supercharged Mazda MX-5 Make?
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How fast is my supercharged Miata? Fast enough to draw attention from the police, unfortunately. This video will look at four separate tunes and dyno results (power and torque), for both naturally aspirated and supercharged Mazda MX-5s. I will also measure acceleration results before and after installing a supercharger, which results in my MX-5 posting similar acceleration to a Honda Civic Type R. Is the supercharger kit worth it? Will my Miata remain reliable? Does the kit offer a powertrain warranty? Is the kit emissions compliant? Are there any drawbacks to the kit/tune? What’s the car like to drive with the added power? Lots of questions answered in the video!

2016-2018 Mazda MX-5 Tuning/Supercharger Links:
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