How To Fight Every Class In TF2 (As Engineer) (And Win!)

How To Fight Every Class In TF2 (As Engineer) (And Win!)

A crash-course in how to deal with every matchup in Team Fortress 2 (from the perspective of the Engineer, of course). Consider this something like an episode of Engineering 102: Advanced Combat Engie. Anyway, here are some time-stamps if you’re looking for specific advice…

0:00 — Intro
1:37 — General tips
3:48 — vs Scout
5:37 — vs Soldier
8:13 — vs Pyro
10:18 — vs Demoman
12:17 — vs Heavy
14:34 — vs Engineer
17:06 — vs Medic
19:02 — vs Sniper
21:06 — vs Spy
24:14 — The end

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Thumbnail SFM and class intro transition animations made by @Py-Bun
Sound editing and mixing by @SoundSmith
Intro animated by @uberchain
Subtitles by:

Ending song:

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