Interview with a Site Reliability Engineer

Interview with a Site Reliability Engineer

I’m interviewing a friend and coworker who is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). She’s been doing some form of DevOps for many years now, and has a LOT of experience that’s relevant to early- and mid-career folks.

0:00 Introduction
1:28 SRE and Devops Project Work
3:05 Company Size and Specialization
5:24 Jobs before tech
6:00 Getting into tech
6:50 University Degree and Skills
8:20 Why get into tech?
9:29 Dave’s passion ninja 10x engineer rant
10:06 Applying to tech jobs
10:50 Experience as a Tech Apprentice
12:51 Advice: Starting from Zero

14:00 Core Skill: Solo Learning
15:27 Most interesting DevOps/SRE work
18:11 Different company cultures
19:13 Ideal company culture
22:52 Surprises when getting into tech
24:54 It’s OK not to know everything
26:10 Skills that new tech people neglect
29:54 Tech skills that people neglect
32:35 Where is DevOps going in the future?

34:27 “I think it could get weird”
38:00 It’s crazy to “plan” for the future
39:00 Erin’s final advice to new tech people

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