Mechanical Engineer Ki Kanya Rashi – Stand Up Comedy ft. Vaibhav Arora

Mechanical Engineer Ki Kanya Rashi – Stand Up Comedy ft. Vaibhav Arora

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Here is my first ‘Stand Up Comedy’ Video, where I talk about my experiences of the Corporate World. Being a Mechanical Engineer, I never got exposure, on how to speak and behave with girls. Then suddenly stumbling upon a ‘White Collar’ Corporate Job made it very difficult for me to understand how to speak with people in Corporate, especially my female colleagues, who were too “Elite” and “Way out of my League”.

The video is a humorous story of my journey of transition from my college life with my crass, crude, raw, innocent and straight forward “Chuddi Buddy” male engineer friends, and to my corporate job life with my vey elite, elegant, beautiful, angelic, charming and poised female colleagues with whom I have always struggled to comprehend.

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Video Shot at The Canvas Laugh Club
Video Editing: Karan Asnani
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Sreejith Menon
Thumbnail Design: Mohit Dudeja

Special Thanks: Krishnama, Rajat Chauhan, Mohit Dudeja, Tarkeshwar Singh, Vishesh Arora, Nimit Pahwa, Md Anas, My College Gang (Sukhjot, Tavneet, Samparn, Rajiv, Vishal, Pulkit, Ishmeet, Gavish, Chayank), Team Canvas Laugh Club, Team Habitat Comedy Studio, Team Playground Comedy Studio, Sanjay Rajoura, Amit Sharma, Varun Grover, Vipul Goyal and all the ‘Stand Up Comedy Artists of Delhi’ who have part of my journey.

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