Ranking The Top 10 Engineering Degrees (Salary, Growth, & More!)

Ranking The Top 10 Engineering Degrees (Salary, Growth, & More!)

Ever wonder which engineering is best for me? Then this is the perfect video for you, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about the top engineering degrees and create a engineering degree tier list so you know which engineering to choose – Enjoy!!!

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When it comes to engineering majors in college you have SO MANY options. But each of the engineering branches is very different, so it’s important you understand what engineering to choose. Top engineering degrees pay well, offer you flexibility, and should be something you enjoy doing. The engineering majors ranked in this video are some of the most common engineering majors, including biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering and more. You should have an understanding of the different engineering fields to help you choose the right engineering degree. Also let me know if you agree with the placements in this engineering degree tier list or if you would switch some of them up!

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