Space Engineers – Colony ALLIANCES! – Ep #2 – DANGER CLOSE!

Space Engineers – Colony ALLIANCES! – Ep #2 – DANGER CLOSE!

After a crash landing, RWI Commander Craz wakes up and makes his way to regroup with other task force members, meanwhile, Admiral Jack Roberts and his team discover more ancient alien technology, as they too try to regroup and make contact with The Expedition forces and the Prometheus, but the signal mystery still needs to be answered.

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Space Engineers – Colony Alliances takes place inside the Colony Universe, following the stories of Space Engineers: Colony Survival, Colony WARS, and Colony LOST. Captain Jack Roberts is back, now an Admiral, leading his Colony Team once again with Mr. Castle, Dr. Craz, Captain Reed, and new faces.

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Space Engineers Cinematic adventure sees this new Space Engineers Colony Universe series dive into a Space Engineers Machinima, similar to Space Engineers Colony LOST, Space Engineers Planet Wars, and other Space Engineers Scenario from Captain Jack Colony Wars Vengeance RWI and CNL epic cinematic battles are to be seen

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Title: Space Engineers – Colony ALLIANCES! – Ep #2 – DANGER CLOSE!
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