The Clever Engineering Of McLaren’s Roof Scoop

The Clever Engineering Of McLaren’s Roof Scoop

Why is the purpose of a roof scoop on a car? McLaren 620R tested!
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The McLaren 620R has a prominent feature protruding from the roof – an air scoop! So what exactly is this roof scoop for? This video will look into the engineering of roof scoops, and answer the following questions:
1. What is the purpose of a roof scoop?
2. How is the intake air routed to the engine?
3. What intake location does a roof scoop replace?
4. Why relocated the air intake?
5. What advantages does a roof scoop offer?
6. Why is the roof scoop elevated off the roof?
7. Can a roof scoop increase power?
8. Does the McLaren’s roof scoop increase power?
9. What are the aerodynamic effects?
10. Why is the roof scoop wide and flat?
11. Does the roof scoop impact downforce?
12. Does the 620 feature racing aerodynamic features?
13. How does the roof scoop handle rain?
14. Does the roof scoop improve the 620R’s fording depth?
15. How much does the 620R weigh?
16. How many cupholders does the 620R have?
17. What does the roof scoop intake sound like?

Hope you enjoy the video and learn something about roof scoops and the McLaren 620R!

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