The Coolest Pocket Operators EVER Made? | Teenage Engineering Street Fighter & Megaman

The Coolest Pocket Operators EVER Made? | Teenage Engineering Street Fighter & Megaman

Collaboration in its prime form, Teenage Engineering are back with the new Street Fighter & Megaman Pocket Operators. Adapting their already popular Sampler & Synth PO, these new pocket operators come with a fresh look, new sounds & a lot of fun! |

» Teenage Engineering PO-133 Street Fighter Pocket Operator |
» Teenage Engineering PO-128 Megaman Pocket Operator |

» Teenage Engineering CA-X Red Pocket Operator Case |
» Teenage Engineering CA-X Blue Pocket Operator Case |

Ever wanted to know how a Pocket operator works? Watch Jack take a first look at the new Street Fighter & Megaman TE Pocket Operators & explain how to write, create & sample on these incredible devices!
Made in partnership with Capcom, the new Street Fighter Sampler is modelled off Teenage Engineering’s PO-33, where the Megaman Synth has taken homage to the iconic PO-28.
Both include custom graphics & an array of Street Fighter/Megaman samples to get lost in. The New Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are a must-have for any tech musician wanting that something extra from their gear!

↪️ Episode Guide ↩️
» 0:00 New TE Street Fighter II & Megaman Pocket Operators
» 0:30 What Is a Pocket Operator?
» 1:00 TE Street Fighter PO-133 Pocket Operator
» 1:55 Let’s Take a Look at Some Sounds
» 5:15 How to Record onto a Pocket Operator?
» 7:45 How to Make a Beat?
» 12:15 TE Megaman PO-128 Pocket Operator
» 14:10 Final Thoughts?

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