Water Mod! – Space Engineers

Water Mod! – Space Engineers

This is a Water Mod for Space Engineers! A better version compared to the water world mod! With better performance and lots of customization from spawning birds and fish to radius and waves and the ability to spawn water on any planet with a simple command! I go over how to spawn water on to planets then show off how it behaves when block come into contact with it and how to make things float or make a boat! Download from the Steam workshop with the link below~

►Water Mod


►Aurora Oceanic Research Ship



►Want More Space Engineers?


#SpaceEngineers is a sandbox game about engineering, constructing, and maintaining creations in space. Players can build and pilot space ships, construct massive space stations, and mine asteroids for raw materials utilizing a realistic volumetric-based physics engine. All objects can be assembled, disassembled, repaired, damaged, and destroyed in this space-based freeroam RPG #videogame

0:00 Intro
0:38 How To Spawn Water
0:57 Finding Water
2:58 Dropping Blocks In Water
5:03 Spawning A Boat
6:45 Water On Mars
7:40 Water On The Alien Planet


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