What is Biomedical Engineering?

What is Biomedical Engineering?

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Biomedical engineering is a broad major that encompasses mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, biology, computer science, and computer engineering. It’s about using all these disciplines and applying the knowledge to the human body. Biomedical engineers create devices, structures, and even medicine that is used on and for the human body. Biomedical engineers create artificial limbs, pacemakers, defibrillators, surgical equipment, and so on. The biomedical engineering major has various concentrations where you can focus on different aspects such as the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or biology side of the major. The major itself will be VERY similar to a mechanical engineering major until your later years in college where you dive into the actual biomedical engineering classes. Until then you will be taking all your support classes such as math, physics, chemistry, circuits, and some mechanical engineering classes themselves.

Note: If you do decide to go into biomedical engineering in undergrad, then you should be prepared to pursue a master’s degree after you graduate.

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