Wood carving – CR7’s Bugatti | Crafty Engineer

Wood carving – CR7’s Bugatti | Crafty Engineer

Cristiano Ronaldo recently purchased a limited-edition Bugatti Centodieci – one of only 10 slated for production. The cost? About $5.5 million. If you wish you could have the same luxury supercar as this soccer star, but can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tag, may we suggest the wooden version on a slightly smaller scale?

For this DIY car build, you’ll first need to assemble the base of the car out of wood, then add in two axles for the wheels and a small motor. The tires themselves are also made of wood. After smoothing them out, treads are carved in so that they resemble tires ready to grip the road.

Thanks to more wood and a trusty chainsaw, the car begins to take shape. Two doors, a license plate, bumpers, hubcaps, a steering wheel, center console, wooden seats, and all the bells and whistles are added as well.

Finally, the signature “Bugatti” logo is added to the hood of the wooden car. The car is polished, and a windshield and lights are added.

Yes, the car really steers, the doors even have hinges, and the brake lights work. Of course, it isn’t quite to scale, but it’s still the next best thing to Ronaldo’s Bugatti.

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