Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich – All of mathematics under one roof

Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich – All of mathematics under one roof

ETH Zurich is a vibrant international university. It is the largest technical school in Switzerland. It has very strong ties to the local industry. The department of mathematics as the only academic unit in the main building of ETH, plays a central role both in education and research produced by ETH.

The department houses all aspects of mathematics ranging from very applied to all classical fields and to statistics. In particular, it is a large department with three Institutes in Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Optimisation. It also houses the Risk lab which has traditional links to the city’s strong financial and insurance industries.

There are two independent research Institutes, FIM, and ITS. For many decades, FIM houses leading mathematicians and organizes long and short conferences and lectures. strong history in a city which has housed 3 ICM’s. The recently founded Institute for Theoretical Sciences, ITS, hosts senior and junior people for longer periods and it is an inter-disciplinary centre connecting mathematics to computer science and theoretical physics.

There is a rich history of the department. It has housed three ICMs including the inaugural one. Its short history can be reached at


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