Dynamics: Oxford Mathematics 1st Year Student Lecture

Dynamics: Oxford Mathematics 1st Year Student Lecture

After filming a student lecture late last year (see below), for the first time ever, Oxford Mathematics has live streamed a student lecture, in this case a first year lecture on ‘Dynamics.’ The lecture builds on maths studied at high school, but applies a further level of thought and rigour. The lecture is followed by a tutorial where students go through the topic in pairs with a tutor and where they get the chance to engage and ask questions.

It took 800 years but we hope you find it intriguing and challenging.

James Sparks is Professor of Mathematical Physics and Director of Graduate Studies (Research).

You can watch the tutorial which followed this lecture here:

You can watch many other student lectures via our main Student Lectures playlist (also check out specific student lectures playlists): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4d5ZtfQonW0A4VHeiY0gSkX1QEraaacE

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