Effective Teaching of Mathematics Online at the Primary Level

Effective Teaching of Mathematics Online at the Primary Level

Orient BlackSwan ONE is proud to bring to you an event with Jayanthi Ravi. Jayanthi is a teacher trainer with over thirty years of experience. She is adept at creating successful learning environments for both teachers and learners that employ innovative technologies to make learning fun!

In this session, Jayanthi shares strategies to encourage learners to visualise abstract concepts using teaching aids. She also talks about differentiated instruction for the online teaching of basic concepts and engaging students in an online class. The activities demonstrated in this session will make online teaching of mathematics a highly rewarding experience for teachers.

Jayanthi comprehensively explains the fundamentals that are at the core of online math classes, such as innovative techniques for assessment of learning. She also demonstrates a number of activities suitable for online learning.

This session is an excellent resource for implementing play-based and discovery-based pedagogy emphasised in the NEP 2020.

Join us as Jayanthi makes learning mathematics fun and engaging!

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