KTET 2019 Mathematics paper analysis | Part 1 | Praveen Jadhav

KTET 2019 Mathematics paper analysis | Part 1 | Praveen Jadhav

In this video, Praveen Jadav sir will cover KTET Mathematics paper analysis. This class would be helpful for the aspirants preparing for the KPSC exams. Ratios will be helpful for the KPSC exams conducted by the Karnataka PSC Board. Enroll now to learn more about Ratios by Praveen Jadav sir to cover preparation for the upcoming KPSC exam. This class will be conducted in Kannada and the notes will be provided in Kannada/ English.

Educator Praveen Jadav is one of the top educators at unacademy Karnataka PSC covering Coding & Decoding for KPSC aspirants.

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