Mathematics for Beginners

Mathematics for Beginners

Learning how to read math equations will enable you to truly understand not just Artificial Intelligence, but every other Scientific discipline. I’m going to demonstrate a 10 step process that anyone, regardless of their background, can use to understand any math equation, either in a blog post, a textbook, or a Scientific paper, no matter how difficult it may seem. We’ll use my process to understand a language model, capable of generating text as a Twitter bot. Enjoy!

Formula Sheets as a Github repository:

Twitter bot that uses a unigram model:

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The 10 Step process (more details in the vid!):

1- Find an Equation that sparks joy
2- Define the Objective
3- Understand the dependencies
4- Pull up related formula sheets
5- Write it out
6- Translate it to English
7- Translate it to Code
8- Visualize it
9- Apply it to real-world problems
10- Explain it

Formula sheets:




Differential Equations


Linear Algebra

Number Theory





Image to Latex converter

Latex to Python converter

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