Mathematics for Beginners

Learning how to read math equations will enable you to truly understand not just Artificial Intelligence, but every other Scientific discipline. I’m going to demonstrate a 10 step process that anyone, regardless of their background, can use to understand any math equation, either in a blog post, a textbook, or a Scientific paper, no matter how difficult it may seem. We’ll use my process to understand a language model, capable of generating text as a Twitter bot. Enjoy!

Formula Sheets as a Github repository:

Twitter bot that uses a unigram model:

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The 10 Step process (more details in the vid!):

1- Find an Equation that sparks joy
2- Define the Objective
3- Understand the dependencies
4- Pull up related formula sheets
5- Write it out
6- Translate it to English
7- Translate it to Code
8- Visualize it
9- Apply it to real-world problems
10- Explain it

Formula sheets:




Differential Equations


Linear Algebra

Number Theory





Image to Latex converter

Latex to Python converter

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