Mathematics Mind Game-2 by OnlineCSK

Mathematics Mind Game-2 by OnlineCSK

This video is a series of alternate day math / riddle where you can test your knowledge and practice for oral question and answer. Here are the key points about this riddle –
1. This Game has 5 questions.
2. Each question has it’s defined points like 10, 20 or 30.
3. You will be given 10 Seconds to solve.
4. You have to answer each of the questions and evaluate total points.
5. At the end, post a comments- how many marks did you get in the first attempt.
6. In this way, you can evaluate yourself.

If your score is –
* Excellent 90 or above
* Very Good 60 – 80
* Average 40 – 50
* Poor 10 – 30

If you have any doubts related to this quiz, post a comment and feel free to ask.
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