Vedic Mathematics -Course Release   l | Anil Nair   | CAT, Bank, SSC, Placements.

Vedic Mathematics -Course Release l | Anil Nair | CAT, Bank, SSC, Placements.

Vedic Maths Online Video Recorded Package Details
Course Link:-
Total Number of videos :- 180+
Total Number of Learning hours:- 72+
Total Number of tests:- 30+
Total Number of solved Questions:-2000+
Total Number of Pages in E-Book Material:- 500+
Basic level
Amazing formulas for addition Special Substraction methods Super fast divisions in seconds
Unusual square methods Unique dot methd for addition Magic square methods
Advance level
Superior Last 2 digit short cuts Supreme way of series problems Quick 3 digits squares
Incredible Multiplication techniques Advanced division methods High speed 3 digits square roots
Master level
Tricky Non square concepts Cool technique for cube Fastest method for cube roots
Ultimate way to find HCF Ultimate way to find LCM Fastest Simplification approaches.
Best Speed Calculation methods Short cuts to find Calender Repetition Find Calender Date in seconds
Grand Master level
Multiplication tricks of polynomial How to decode Algebra Problems Fabulous ways of factorization
Premium method for Remainders Amazing Think without Ink Approaches Special Lateral Thinking Problems
Stunning Algebra Problem Solving using Degree, Symmetry Extra ordinary Geometry Problems.

Important Key Points:
Reasons to enroll for ANC Vedic Maths classes
– Most comprehensive vedic maths course anywhere in India .
-Can be viewed in Web as well as Mobile App
-Research Based Video lectures .
– Learn how to solve tough questions in less than 60 seconds.
-Each question in the lecture is handpicked after a lot of research / deliberation
-Every single minute spent with this course [concepts, Problems, Concepts, Shortcuts ) will take you closer to your dream score
-Offline viewing Available.
-Video quality can be reduced, in case of low internet speed
– Video speed can be changed to 1.25X, 1.50X based on your re

What will students get from this session:-
1. Different angles to simplify each topic using lateral thinking & common sense
2. Focus on Concepts and not just Problem Solving.
3..Different techniques for problem-solving taking concepts to an advanced level.
4. Application of unique shortcut techniques in Vedic Maths
5. Link topics by adopting similar strategies & techniques.
6. Focus on maximizing scores in minimum time.
7. Focus on Test taking strategies & understanding of the root cause behind the problem.

Help Students Learn the topic right from the Basic.
Help students to discover what makes ” Aptitude Topics ” important in almost all the tests.
Help students to learn how to deal with different kind of Math Problems related to Aptitude Exams.
Help students to maximise their score in minimum time.
Help students to make use of LOGIC in place of conventional methods
Help Students to link topics by adopting thematic based learning.
Help Students learn different angles to simplify each topic using lateral thinking and common sense.
Help Students focus on concepts and not just problem solving.

Who can learn this course ?
Students (class 5 to 12th)
Competitive exam aspirants
Maths teachers
Working professionals
Maths enthusiasts

Is there any other level after this course in Vedic maths ?
No, there is no other level, all advanced formulas included in the course.
Future updates will be provided through our Telegram group absolutely free if need be

Reasons to enroll for ANC video classes

-700+ 98%ilers in CAT and other exams
-25000+ Enrolled students in video course( Fastest growing Edutech Company in India with zero advertisements)
– Highest Gooogle reviews in India Online Coaching -2500+ reviews with 4.9/5 rating- do we need to say more
Google Reviews-
-300+ IIM converts- Only Institute which produced serial 100%lers in Asia’s toughest exam CAT for more than 6 yrs .
– Learn anytime anywhere with 3000+ Comprehensive Conceptual Shortcut Videos
– 8000+ Pages Exhaustive Study Material
-8000+ Practice Questions and Solutions in test format.
-The Faculty Team with cummulative test prep experience of 60+ years.
-Learn Directly from Oxford, Stanford, Faculties who authored Aptitude books and mentor close to million students till date – Took session with audience more than 1200+ Students at single go more than 500 times by Mr. Anil Nair.
Comprehensive video courses have a unique mix of video lectures, ebooks and mock tests to help you prepare and practice for the next big exam.

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