Astronaut Captures Video Of Fireball Falling To Earth
Astronaut Captures Video Of Fireball Falling To Earth  Tech Times'Make a Wish': Astronaut Captures Fireball Entering Earth's Atmosphere (VIDEO)  Sputnik InternationalFull coverage
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Business People: Local firms’ new hires and promotions
Business People: Local firms' new hires and promotions  NewsOK.comFull coverage
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Secretive Zuma launch on indefinite hold as SpaceX investigates technical issue
Secretive Zuma launch on indefinite hold as SpaceX investigates technical issue  XinhuaSpaceX studying Falcon rocket nose cones before proceeding with KSC launch  Florida TodayWhat does the payload...
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Fotis Kafatos, distinguished Greek biologist, dies at 77
Fotis Kafatos, a Greek molecular biologist who had a distinguished academic career in both the United States and Europe and became the founding president of...
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Museum seeks to convince Indians that toilets are not dirty
A throne with a built-in commode for a French monarch takes pride of place at a New Delhi museum trying to break taboos surrounding toilets...
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UK to have driverless cars by 2021: govt
British finance minister Philip Hammond is to announce £75 million ($99 million, 84 million euros) funding for Artificial Intelligence and plans to put driverless cars...
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Swimming with dolphins in virtual reality to aid disabled
Swimming with wild dolphins is something most can only dream of, and jumping into pools with captive animals has become increasingly controversial with environmentalists condemning...
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There’s a massive storm brewing on Jupiter and NASA’s Juno probe has captured it
There's a massive storm brewing on Jupiter and NASA's Juno probe has captured it  Hindustan TimesNASA's Juno Spacecraft Beams Stunning Image Of Raging Storm On Jupiter  NDTVFull...
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ULA’s New Vulcan Rocket Comes Back to Earth via Helicopter

By Evan Ackerman Illustration: United Launch Alliance Thanks to SpaceX, we know exactly how hard it is to reuse a rocket by landing it on a barge. Of course, there’s an excellent reason why why SpaceX is investing so much effort in making a reusable launch system: an enormous percentage …

Amazon Wants to Put Packages in the Trunk of Your Car

By Philip E. Ross Photo: Amazon To get stuff to customers who aren’t at home, Amazon plans to deliver straight to the trunks of parked cars. True, the idea doesn’t involve drones or robot arms reaching through kitty doors; then again, low-tech tricks like this one may be just the …

Will the Whill Hi-Tech Wheelchair Sell?

By Tam Harbert Photo: WhillWhill To Rule: A wheelchair designed with techies in mind can make tight maneuvers. A Japanese startup founded by former automotive engineers wants to turn the wheelchair into an accessory for the tech savvy. Their company, Whill, is building a “personal mobility device” that it says …

Silicon Valley Gets Ready to Code for Cuba

By Tekla Perry Photo-illustration: iStockphoto This weekend, Facebook is opening its Menlo Park campus to teams Coding for Cuba. The challenge: “Build hardware or software tools that can be used by people in Cuba for connectivity and access to information, entrepreneurial support, or journalism and digital advocacy.” The two-day hackathon, …

I Dare You To Change This Numerical Calculation

By Rhett Allain Here is an example of a numerical calculation for the motion of a mass on a spring. You can change the code and see what happens – you can be a programmer. The post I Dare You To Change This Numerical Calculation appeared first on WIRED.

Happy Birthday Hubble!

By Alexander Hellemans Photo: ESA/NASA Launched 25 years ago today, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), or simply “the Hubble,” became the world’s eye on the universe, delivering to astronomers and the general public an endless stream of images with unsurpassed clarity. Many revolutions in astronomy have been tied to specific …

America Needs to Figure Out the Ethics of Gene Editing Now

By Nick Stockton Co-signors of moratoriums on germ line DNA editing speak up about the recent revelation the scientists in China have been editing human embryos. The post America Needs to Figure Out the Ethics of Gene Editing Now appeared first on WIRED. [ read more ]