4 Ways to Avoid Hair Care Scams | SCIENCE vs MARKETING

4 Ways to Avoid Hair Care Scams | SCIENCE vs MARKETING

Is Function of Beauty Target worth it? Avoid getting scammed & learn how to spot good vs bad beauty marketing!
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Hair Science VS Marketing! Use my 4-Part guide to evaluate all your beauty products — not just hair care or your shampoos & conditioners! What claims are real, and what’s just marketing?

Our clues come in 4 Buckets: Marketing, Ingredients, Science, & Reviews — Learn how to piece them together to make the best decisions. We’ll also talk about how to read scientific papers to avoid misinterpreting studies.

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00:00​ Hair Marketing Intro
01:05 Welcome
01:34 Function of Beauty Target Products
02:24 The 4 Buckets
03:21 Marketing
05:05 Marketing – Function of Beauty
06:00 Ingredients
07:41 Hair Science
08:29 How to Read Scientific Papers
10:54 Shark Attacks & Ice Cream
12:09 Science VS Function of Beauty
16:30 How to Stop Hair Marketing Lies
18:45 Beauty Reviews
20:13 My FoB Experience
20:38 The Final Verdict
21:52 Question for YOU
22:15 Bloopers with Furpunzel

Sources (including other ingredients in the Function of Beauty Target products bc I researched way more than what you see in the video):
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Credentials? I have a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Marketing and manage digital marketing in corporate. I’m not a hair scientist, but I get my hair information from them. My sources primarily come from hair science textbooks and lectures from hair researchers. I cite studies from scientific journals, but context from books, lectures, and experts is important to avoid misinterpreting them. My master’s program also focused on Consumer Research and Statistics, and I have a Hair Practitioner Certification from the International Association of Trichologists.

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I carried every product in the Target Function of Beauty line for 3 miles… long story. I filmed the long story, but it was too long to include. Hopefully this video does well enough to make the struggle worth it.

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