Can China’s Space Startups Challenge SpaceX?

Can China’s Space Startups Challenge SpaceX?

There is just something about SpaceX that really grabs people’s attention. Whether it is the Elon Musk connection or the allure of space, the company has a thriving culture around it.

The company’s success and media praise has spurred on a bevy of competitors. These are well covered in the media and I suggest you watch a few videos about them. But SpaceX has also spurred the Chinese government and nation into action as well. There are over a hundred Chinese commercial aerospace companies right now in the industry competing amongst each other to be China’s SpaceX.

In this video, we are going to look at the rapid development of China’s private space industry.

1:02 – Reform and Birth
2:50 – China’s Space Startups
4:08 – Going Suborbital
5:28 – Reaching Orbit
8:35 – The Business Case
10:20 – Private and Public
11:55 – Conclusion

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