ESA astronauts celebrate 20 years on the International Space Station

ESA astronauts celebrate 20 years on the International Space Station

On 19 April, 2001, Umberto Guidoni was launched to the International Space Station, becoming the first European astronaut on board. In April 2021, ESA celebrates 20 years of European astronaut missions to this unique orbital outpost.

In this video, ESA astronauts past and present share their experiences of the International Space Station and spaceflight more generally. They identify some of their favourite moments and voice their hopes for the future of space exploration.

Here are the timestamps for each message:

0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Umberto Guidoni
3:31 – Claudie Haigneré
6:31 – Frank De Winnie
7:42 – Pedro Duque
10:36 – André Kuipers
11:38 – Thomas Reiter
14:38 – Christer Fuglesang
16:58 – Hans Schlegel
19:39 – Luca Parmitano
20:29 – Alexander Gerst
22:29 – Samantha Cristoforetti
28:20 – Thomas Pesquet
29:07 – Andreas Mogensen
30:05 – Tim Peake
31:02 – Matthias Maurer
32:57 – Jean François Clervoy
38:49 – Michel Tognini
42:23 – Reinhold Ewald

The International Space Station is humankind’s science laboratory in space. Its unique microgravity environment enables researchers to study phenomena and carry out experiments that would not be possible on Earth. Around 400 ESA investigations have been performed since the first module was launched and thousands more are led by the four other space agencies that work together to keep the Space Station aloft: @NASA, Russia’s @Роскосмос ТВ, Japan’s @JAXA | 宇宙航空研究開発機構, and the @Canadian Space Agency.

Scientific discoveries made on Station are applied widely from health to metallurgy, while the increased knowledge we gain about our solar system helps build a deeper understanding of Earth and life itself.

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