Mind-Blowing Physics Facts: Michio Kaku on Quantum, Space & Time Traveling. Interesting Science Talk

Mind-Blowing Physics Facts: Michio Kaku on Quantum, Space & Time Traveling. Interesting Science Talk

Prof. Michio Kaku shares mind-blowing physics facts and arguments about Quantum Theory, space travelling, Mars colonization, future of the universe , science & technology.

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Prof. Michio Kaku is the co-founder of String Field Theory, trying to unite Einstein’s Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics Theory. He has amazing sense of humor and explains complex concepts interestingly and simple. Prof. Kaku has an astonishing knowledge in a number of areas, which he uses to share with us his predictions of what the future will look like. He speaks for his own experience and more then 300 other scientists, which are working on a number of exciting technology innovations, biology breakthroughs and physics and hard science experiments.

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Michio Kaku’s predictions for the future are exciting. He explains interesting theoretical ideas & proven Physics facts with a lot of passion & humour! Stay tuned for more Michio Kaku interviews and science talks.

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