The Bystander Effect | The Science of Empathy

The Bystander Effect | The Science of Empathy

We’d all like to consider ourselves helpful people, but are we always quick to lend a hand whenever the opportunity arises? In this episode of The Science of Empathy, we tested, through various scenarios, just how long it would take for people to offer assistance to someone struggling right in front of them.

Executive Producer | Mike Bernstein
Executive Producer | Matt Pittman
Executive Producer | Bayan Joonam
Executive Producer | Shabnam Mogharabi
Director | Zach Wechter
Writer / Host | Julian Huguet
Producer | Hashem Selph
Prod. Coordinator | Tiffany Hutson
Casting Director | Pardis Sullins
DP | Jake Menache
Camera Operator | Fio Occhipinti
Camera Operator | Cory Driskill
1st AC | Jay Janocko
Gaffer | Sam Heesen
Sound Mixer | Eric Bucklin
Production Designer | Michelle Hall
Set Dresser | Valerie Sakmary

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