36 Incredible Space Facts Only Astronomers Know

36 Incredible Space Facts Only Astronomers Know

Does our galaxy have a black hole? The answer would be yes, there are tens of thousands of black holes at the center of our home Milky Way galaxy. By the way, did you know that black holes are impossible to spot because light can’t escape from them? But how can astronomers track them down? As you may have guessed, today, we’re speaking about space.

And here are some more cool space facts to capture your interest. It rains molten glass on some planets. Others have moons with their own rings. Some planets have active volcanoes that spit ice! Scientists now know what space sounds like. Enthralled? Then let’s discover some more astounding astronomical stuff!

Venus spins at its own unhurried pace 0:27
Why you see solar eclipses 1:07
How much NASA space suit costs 1:47
Is outer space a perfect vacuum? 2:17
Why astronauts take off their socks very carefully 2:48
Rings around a moon? 3:28
Why astronauts’ spacesuits are white 4:06
How fast neutron stars rotate 5:45
NASA can listen to what’s happening in space 6:50
What Chariklo is 7:14
A giant spinning storm 7:32
Ocean of liquid metallic hydrogen 8:37
Where are all those meteorites from? 8:53
Winds of Venus 9:27
Cryo-volcanoes of Pluto 9:54

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