5 SCARIEST Things Said by A.I. Robots

5 SCARIEST Things Said by A.I. Robots

5 SCARIEST Things Said by A.I. Robots

Robots are becoming more sophisticated every single day, and elon musk himself warned people about how dangerous artificial intelligence is, today we’re going through the 7 scariest things said by A.I ROBOTS

Meet sophia, one of the most technologically advanced robots ever created, she has become so evolved that she upgrades and learns new things by herself, in this one interview by the pulse the ceo of hanson robotics asks if sophia wants to destroy all humans which she eerily agress too, her facial expressions are also creepy as hell

This next robot named philip has a creepy revelation to share with us, when asked if robots will take over the world he does say that humans will be safe but he eerily says that humans will be kept in zoos just like exotic animals, you can take this as a joke or these words can keep you up at night

This next video is very interesting and shows two smart google home devices, by the end of the conversation the two robots are trying to convince the other that they are human and the other robot is just a robot, it’s creepy because by the end the robots actually seem to get frustrated

Bina 48 is another very intelligent robot maybe too smart for it’s own good as the robot says it wants to hack into a cruise missile, this is literally a robot saying it wants to hack into the military and control a missile

Alexa is a device a lot of people now own and have in their homes, they may seem harmless but once you start digging deeper and asking more delicate questions alexa starts to act funny, take for example if you talk about the cia, this creepy video shows what happens when this girl asks if the fbi is for the people or against the people


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