Apple M1: Much More than Hardware

Apple M1: Much More than Hardware

The Snazzy Labs M1 review—but not of hardware—of software. And also kinda hardware…
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Apple released the new M1 Macs: the Late 2020 MacBook Air, 2020 MacBook Pro, and 2020 Mac mini to much fanfare after several months of teasing the new M1 and Apple Silicon chiplet architecture. The hardware is impressive and we’ll talk about why/how it’ll change Apple’s lineup in the next video, but in this video we’re going to talk about something arguably more important: the macOS software experience. The new macOS 11 Big Sur marks a huge paradigm shift in how Apple expects the Mac to be used and we’ll talk about how the software at play like iOS app usage, Rosetta 2 translation and even running Windows VM on M1 Macs have changed the way that these new computers can be used.

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