Computer Basic part 1

Computer Basic part 1

This video provides the concept of MS word. This video is helpful to all the viewers .This video provides the detail knowledge of Home tab and contents of Home Tab. This video is very helpful to the students , and those who want to learn computer basic staying at home.
IQ/matrix/reasoning/blood relation/ranking/

gk/gorkhapatra/samasamayik/current affairs/

QBASIC programming/programming/pattern/modular programming/file handling


English/English Grammar/Tenses/passive voice/preposition

Computer basic/word/excel/powerpoint/mail merge

math tricks/iq/learn math in easy method

computer mcq/mcq questions/computer operator

time and work/iQ/short cut tricks/tulshiram dhakal

GK/gk/general knowledge/province/

C programming/programming/even odd numbers/armstrong/file handling/looping


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