How to Test Computer Hardware Components

How to Test Computer Hardware Components

How to Test Computer Hardware Components

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if you’re looking to buy a new computer parts from sites like eBay which sell used PC parts then you may need to test this hardware to make sure that the hardware is not faulty in anyway.

so I purchased some used computer parts on eBay and I want to test to make sure that they are all working perfectly fine. so we are going to be testing the CPU, GPU, RAM (Memory) Motherboard and Hard Drive. It’s very important that we test all the components to make sure they are fully functional without any hardware issues or faults. Once we run the tests we will be able to tell whether the hardware is in good working order and whether the hardware is faulty, if the tests show hardware failures, we can then return the products to the seller and get a full refund.

it’s important to test the hardware straight away, because that way if there is any problems we can contact the seller and ask for a refund. this will strengthen your case if there is a problem with the hardware. Remember not every seller on eBay is honest and some sellers will sell faulty hardware knowing that is faulty, if you delay your testing, this will look bad when it comes to trying to get your money back, the seller could then say that the item was working when he sent it a week ago and you must have broken it in that period of time.

We are going to be using some software to test our hardware.

How To Test Your CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD For Stability Issues

Passmark BurnInTest
Memtest 86+ or the one built into Windows 10
FurMark or OCCT
HeavyLoad or Prime95
Unigine Benchmark, 3DMark, CineBench
Crystal Disk

Power Switch Button Cable



Warning: Make sure you keep an eye on the temperatures for the CPU and GPU. Running a torture test on your hardware is a quick way to determine whether the hardware is faulty, the hardware will normally display artefacts, glitches or crashing. you never really want to run torture tests longer than you need to, this will just add unnecessary stress on the computer hardware then it really needs to. All we are doing is testing for stability we are not overclocking.

Important: I will not take any responsibility if you damage any of your PC hardware components by following this video tutorial, if you run test on your own hardware, you do so at your own risk.

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