Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning on Coursera

Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning on Coursera

Edge Impulse has partnered with Arduino, Arm, and the TinyML Foundation to launch the first embedded machine learning course on Coursera.

Led by instructor Shawn Hymel, the course will teach developers everywhere how to help embedded systems make predictions and decisions based on data and learn from experiences, including the design and deployment of algorithms, software frameworks, and embedded machine learning models on real-world hardware. Taking the course will give developers hands-on knowledge to build and run deep neural networks and other complex machine learning algorithms on low-power devices without any prior experience. From the vocabulary necessary to understand the fundamentals of machine learning to demonstrations and projects, this new course is designed as a hands-on program that is easily approachable.

The course is available free for developers worldwide, with an optional certification for those who wish to become embedded machine learning experts. Participants will enjoy a discounted price of the Nordic Semiconductor-powered Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense as the hardware platform for which the course was designed.

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