John Ousterhout: “A Philosophy of Software Design” | Talks at Google

John Ousterhout, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, discusses complex techniques on how to become a more confident coder. John is excited to announce that he just published the first edition of a new book on software design, based on material from a software design class he has been teaching at Stanford for the last several years.

Prior to joining Stanford, John spent 14 years in industry where he founded two companies, preceded by another 14 years as a professor at Berkeley. Over the course of his career, Professor Ousterhout has built a number of influential systems (Sprite OS, Tcl.Tk, log structured file systems, Raft, RAMcloud, etc) and has taught several courses on software design. In this talk, he synthesizes these experiences into an insightful and provocative discussion on how to (and how not to) design software.

Get the book:


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