Rajiv Malhotra In Conversation With Swarajya On ‘Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Power’

Rajiv Malhotra In Conversation With Swarajya On ‘Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Power’

To learn more about ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power’, visit https://www.aiandpower.com/

Swarajya’s Editorial Director R Jagnnathan interviews author and researcher Rajiv Malhotra on his book Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power.

The author highlights positive side of artificial intelligence, at the same time explaining the deeper view that AI is also making a growing number of people cognitively and psychologically dependent on digital networks.

Whether you are a social media fanatic, a diehard AI aficionado, or a paranoid sceptic, it is impossible to escape the ubiquitous impact of AI. Artificial Intelligence is the brains bringing together quantum computing, nanotechnology, medical technology, brain-machine interface, robotics, aerospace, 5G, Internet of Things, and more. It is amplifying human ingenuity and disrupting the foundations of healthcare, military, entertainment, education, marketing and manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power argues that this AI-driven revolution will have an unequal impact on different segments of humanity. There will be new winners and losers, new haves and have-nots, resulting in an unprecedented concentration of wealth and power.

After analyzing society’s vulnerabilities to the impending tsunami, the book raises troubling questions that provoke immediate debate: Is the world headed toward digital colonization by USA and China? Will depopulation become eventually unavoidable?

Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power is a wakeup call to action, compelling public intellectuals to be better informed and more engaged. It educates the social segments most at risk and wants them to demand a seat at the table where policies on Artificial Intelligence are being formulated.

See more on Artificial Intelligence here: http://bit.ly/AIandPower

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