Statistics for Data Science & Machine Learning

Statistics for Data Science & Machine Learning

The most in demand skills in the world right now are in Data Science & Machine Learning! In this one video I will teach you a key part of Machine Learning and Data Science which is Statistics.

I took everything in a standard 500 page text book on Statistics and put it in this one video. I will cover every formula, but also will solve real world problems with each formula.

Here is my Probability Tutorial :

After this video I will continue with the Math of Machine Learning by covering Linear Algebra, Calculus, and the Python Data Science / Machine Learning Frameworks. If you want to see those videos CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL.

Transcript of the Video :
Best Statistics Book :

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Here is a Table of Contents that will allow you to jump around in the video and learn what ever you are interested in.


00:00 Intro
00:25 Basics
01:25 Categorical Data
01:59 Numerical Data
02:10 Continuous Data
02:25 Qualitative Data
02:56 Quantitative Data
03:11 Cross Table
03:36 Pie Charts
03:52 Bar Charts
03:59 Pareto Charts
04:16 Frequency Distribution Table
04:32 Histograms
04:54 Mean
05:44 Median
06:03 Mode
06:26 Variance
07:24 Standard Deviation
08:02 Coefficient of Variation
09:01 Covariance
10:23 Correlation Coefficient
11:12 Maximize Profit
13:45 Probability Distribution
14:26 Relative Frequency Histogram
14:38 Normal Distribution
15:21 Standard Normal Distribution
16:32 Central Limit Theorem
16:55 Standard Error
17:14 Z Score
17:50 Z Table
18:35 Confidence Interval
19:22 Alpha
20:05 Margin of Error
20:13 Confidence Interval Example
20:57 Critical Probability
21:49 Student’s T Distribution
22:43 Degrees of Freedom
22:50 T Distribution Example
23:33 T Table
24:30 Dependent Samples
25:29 Independent Samples
26:26 Hypothesis
27:02 Null Hypothesis
27:20 Alternative Hypothesis
27:37 Significance Level
29:06 1 Sided Tests
29:35 Type 1 Errors
29:57 Type 2 Errors
30:32 Hypothesis Error Example
31:23 Means Testing
33:33 P Value
34:25 Regression
36:24 Regression Example
37:53 Correlation Coefficient
39:11 Coefficient of Determination
41:14 Root Mean Squared Deviation
41:46 Residual
43:27 Chi Square Tests
47:03 Chi Square Table

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