Time Series Forecasting with Machine Learning

Time Series Forecasting with Machine Learning


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0:00 Introduction
1:51 Defining Problem
2:50 Understanding the Data
3:18 Analyzing Data (Trend, Seasonality)
4:40 Traditional Timeseries Forecasting (ARIMA, Prophet)
6:01 Univariate & Multivariate Time series
8:15 Time series with Machine Learning
9:02 Types of Time series models
11:05 Machine Learning Vs. Traditional Time Series

[1] Math behind Facebook prophet: https://medium.com/future-vision/the-math-of-prophet-46864fa9c55a
[2] Traditional time series analysis step by step: https://www.kaggle.com/freespirit08/time-series-for-beginners-with-arima
[2] Dealing with time series data: https://online.stat.psu.edu/stat510/lesson/1
[3] Catboost is slick : https://catboost.ai/docs/concepts/tutorials.html

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