What is Cloud Computing | Future of Cloud Computing | Satya Nadella Interview |  Intellipaat

What is Cloud Computing | Future of Cloud Computing | Satya Nadella Interview | Intellipaat

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The sum of the world’s data is expected to swell to more than five times its current size by 2025 – IDC White Paper.
Global spending for public cloud services is on track to be $277 billion in 2020. Cloud computing is here to provide a whole new world of jobs, applications, services, and platforms. Watch this insightful video on Satya Nadella speaking about cloud computing future trends and what cloud has in store for you.

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Why cloud computing is important?

Cloud computing benefits are huge. It is highly reliable, extremely cost effective and amazingly secure. The kind of service it boasts of makes a wonderful option for the organizations to choose. The future of cloud computing is bright so it makes a must for a professional to learn cloud computing considering the kind of future it has.

Why should you opt for a cloud computing career?

If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider cloud computing. Today cloud computing is no longer optional but critical to the success of some of the biggest enterprises on earth. The Intellipaat cloud computing course is completely oriented towards the practical applications and hence gives you a clear advantage. There is a huge demand for cloud computing certified professional. The salaries for cloud professional are very good.
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Video credit: CNBC
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