What Makes a Good Feature? – Machine Learning Recipes #3

What Makes a Good Feature? – Machine Learning Recipes #3

Good features are informative, independent, and simple. In this episode, we’ll introduce these concepts by using a histogram to visualize a feature from a toy dataset. Updates: many thanks for the supportive feedback! I’d love to release these episodes faster, but I’m writing them as we go. That way, I can see what works and (more importantly) where I can improve.

We’ve covered a lot of ground already, so next episode I’ll review and reinforce concepts, introduce clearer syntax, spend more time on testing, and continue building intuition for supervised learning.

I also realize some folks had dependency bugs with Graphviz (my fault!). Moving forward, I won’t use any libraries not already installed by Anaconda or Tensorflow.

Last: my code in this cast is similar to these great examples. You can use them to produce a more polished chart, if you like:


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